c.v. & exhibitions


My work is designed to give a sense of place and mood, but with paring down to a simple design element - the relationship of form and colour.  I like to utilise to the full the medium in which I work - rough linen fabrics, raw & torn edges, visible stitches - and combine this with an overlay of dyes and paints, flashing, and paper. 

Implications of the past are a recurring theme - the traces of people, their history and places. The use of antique linens, cottons and old lace give a connection to the past and my work.  Our history - the marks we leave behind us, who we were and what we achieved - make us the people we are today.


Self taught and ...................


Member of QuiltArt - international touring group. (www.quiltart.eu)
Professional Artist Member of SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates
Fellow Royal Society of Arts
Member of Bath Textile Artists 1986-96
2 year diploma embroidery (distinction)
2 year textile diploma
2017        ETHNO, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2017        Surface Design Assoc. Fibre Art VIII
2017        Fine Art Quilt Masters, F O Q Birmingham UK (highly commended)  2017       European Art Quilts Finale, Nederlands
 2017        Atout Fil, Chatillon, Paris (invitational)
 2017       Made in Europe, travelling USA
 2016        Lasting Impressions. Whistler Art Gallery, Lowell, USA.  2016       Taiwan International Exhibition
 2016       Beaujolais  & Vendee France  2016       British Quilters Guild. Wales
 2015       QuiltArt 30 - Dialogues - Touring exhibition - Europe  2015        QuiltArt - Small Talk - Touring Exhibition - Europe
 2015        6th European Quilt Triennale  2014       TexpoArt - Romania
 2014       European Art Quilts VIII  2013       Quilt Art in Russia - Tsaritsyno, Moscow
 2013       Heidelberg, Germany, Quilt Triennale  2014       Quilt Art Expressions - touring USA
 2012       Art Quilt Elements 2012. Wayne. USA.  2012       European Art Quilts VII
2012       AcCENTS.  UK Art Quilts. Paducah.  USA.  2012       Voices.  Devon Guild of Craftsmen. UK.
 2011       7th Biennial - Vanish/Survive. Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania  2011-2    Quilt National 11 - USA
 2011-2    A Slice of Quilt Art - Hungary & the Netherlands  2011-12  SAQA. Creative Force - USA
 2010       Quilt Art 25. Touring Europe.  2010       SAQA. Wide Horizons 11.  France.
 2010       Museum of Lodz. Poland.  2010       Art Quilt Elements 2010. Philadelphia. USA
 2010       Stidoc. Textiel Festival. Netherlands.  2009       Studio Art Quilt Association - Reflections
 2009       Hands All Around XXV.  Travelling USA.  2008       Wide Horizons '08.  Studio Art Quilt Europe.
 2008       European Art Quilts V. Europe, Korea & the USA  2007-      Quiltart 22 -  Denmark, Europe, Korea.
 2005 -     Quiltart QA20  2007       Solo Exhibiton, La Sucriere, Lyon, France.
 2005       Solo exhibition, Guildhall, Bath, UK  2005       Textile 05 Kaunas Art Biennial, Lithuania
 2004       Off the Wall, Delta Studios. Scotland  2004       2nd European Triennial - Riga, Latvia.
 2003       Contemporary Art Quilts 2003.  UK  2002       Reflections. Minerva Arts Centre. Wales.
 2002       Six Continents of Quilts. Museum of Arts & Design, New    York USA  2002       Transforming Tradition. Quilters Guild of GB.
 2002       Quilt Expo VII. Barcelona. Spain.  2001       Quiltart Moving On
 2001       Hands All Around XVII.  Houston. USA  2001       art of the STITCH 2001. Pall Mall Galleries.  London. UK
 2001       Young British Designers. World Quilt Show. USA.  2001       European Quilt Art Quilt 2001.
 2001       Contemporary Quilts. Devon Guild of Craftsmen. UK  2000       Out of Africa. UK
 2000       6th Carrefour Exhibition. France.  2000       Contemporary Art Quilts. Oxford. UK
 1999       Creations & Savoir Faire. Paris. Franc 1998       A Stitch in Time. Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead. UK. 


2000   2nd prize.  Quilts UK 2000  & Special Award 1998   2nd prize . National Championships. London

1997    1st prize, Scottish Champsionships  & Judges Award. Great British Festival

1997   1st prize. Quilters Guild  GB

1995   Judges Award Quilts UK